The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal
— Oxford English Dictionary

When we live in a place of true wellness, we blossom. We become our very best selves, living fully and beautifully. We thrive in all aspects of our own lives and shine that out into the world around us.


I believe that we are meant to grow, thrive, and live in a state of complete, integrated wellness. This requires that we pay attention to ALL parts of ourselves—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—for only then can we truly live life to the fullest.

Wellness is a DAILY CHOICE, not a destination

Are you ready to choose wellness in your life? To blossom? Guiding individuals and groups along the path to integrated wellness is my passion.


I love my work as an Erickson Certified Professional Coach

Partnering with you to create personal awareness, solutions, and sustainable actions. Helping you to change YOUR world and the world around you.


Take a deep breath and check in with yourself. Are these characteristics of integrated wellness true for you? Would you like them to be?

  • Speaking kind words to yourself and showing yourself grace

  • Recognizing what your emotions and physical body are telling you and receiving these signals with curiosity

  • Setting healthy boundaries in your life

  • Choosing self-care and health routines which honour your physical body

  • Connecting with your own spirit and exploring your connection to Something Greater than yourself

  • Living in line with your core values and allowing them to guide your choices

  • Experiencing joy in the everyday moments of your life - along with the magical moments


Are YOU living well? Blossoming?

Be your BEST you, for yourself, your loved ones, and the world!

What would your life—at work, at play, and in relationship—look like if you felt:

  • Free to be yourself, being grounded deeply in who you are

  • Joyful, confident, strong, purposeful, and clear on your values

  • Connected to Something greater than yourself


Connect with yourself…

And watch your relationships with others flourish. We’re in this together!


I felt nourished in body and soul through working with Heather. Her caring and supportive approach created a safe space so I could just be me, and the personal growth she guided me through has helped me to move forward into life with more confidence. Win!
— Emma