COACHING IS a guided process of self-discovery through which you are empowered to create real, sustainable changes and results in your life. In our solution-focused coaching relationship, you’ll find:

  • a partner who listens deeply to what you are saying, hears you, and offers space for you to dream rather than offering advice

  • invitation and space to be fully and completely yourself

  • opportunity to envision the future of wellness and joy you’d like to create for yourself

  • support as you design lifestyle actions for yourself which excite, motivate and challenge you to be your best you

I COACH individuals who are committed to living in wellness and are ready to thrive and blossom in all areas of life. My clients are seeking:

  • to create or re-create a sense of ease, integration, wellness, and joy in their lives

  • to get clear on who they are at a deep level and embrace that

  • to leave behind ways of living—such as burnout, negative self-talk, and exhaustion—that aren’t serving them

  • to make game-changing forward progress in one or more areas of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness

  • to create new habit systems that support the life they envision

  • to show up positively in their own lives and in the world around them

YOU CAN EXPECT natural outcomes of our work together to include:

  • becoming anchored, grounded in, and excited about your own unique identity

  • getting crystal clear on your core values and learning how to make choices which honour them

  • learning to set loving boundaries which enhance rather than restrict your life

  • growing in personal confidence and trust

  • thriving in your relationships—with yourself and others

  • feeling good about yourself, growing your joy, and reaping those benefits in your life


Kind words

“Heather is a warm, caring coach and lovely human being who understands and accepts others. She immediately puts her clients at ease, setting the stage for a meaning and positive session that really allows you to thrive and be yourself. Her supportive presence makes for a powerful coaching relationship!”

- Bernadette D’Souza


YOUR COACHING PROGRAM INCLUDES the following tools to help you create and live out your vision of integrated wellness:

  • A no-cost 30 minute connection call to make sure we’re a great fit for each other

  • An initial 75 minute discovery coaching session where we get clear on your vision and goals

  • 60 minute one-on-one coaching sessions (via online video call, phone, or in person when possible)

  • A coaching plan designed specifically for you

  • Integration practices to support you in creating the future you envision

  • Email check-ins between sessions to help you stay committed to your wellness goals

  • Optional supported exploration of the Enneagram or VIA Character Strengths assessment tools

  • Optional wellness mentoring

  • Support, encouragement, and accountability partnership from a certified coach who believes in you and your goals


Mark Scherle 1.jpg

3 Month Program

Ideal if you:

  • are fully committed to seeing impactful, long-term shifts in your personal wellness and joy now

  • are able to engage intensively in your own wellness over the next three months

  • work best with having more regular coaching and accountability support (3 sessions/month recommended)

You choose:

  • two coaching sessions/month: $1575 ($525/month)

  • three coaching sessions/month: $2100 ($700/month)

Mark Scherle 2.jpg

6 Month Program

Ideal if you:

  • are fully committed to seeing impactful, long-term shifts in your personal wellness and joy but need a longer time frame to make those shifts feel realistic and achievable

  • would benefit from a longer period of guidance as you move toward your goals

  • are self-motivated to move toward your goals once you’ve created action steps (one session/month may work well for you) or would like more frequent support and accountability (two sessions/month recommended)

You choose:

  • one coaching session/month: $1440 ($240/month)

  • two coaching sessions/month: $2400 ($400/month)


I ALSO OFFER group coaching, and as a result of my lived experiences, coaching for health care professionals and athletes who would like to see shifts toward wellness and joy in their lives - personal and professional (hint: these may just be one and the same!)