GROUP COACHING is a guided process through which individuals come together to connect, learn, grow and together blossom into something bigger than themselves. Integrated wellness applies to individuals, yes, but as it is a state of harmony in body, mind and spirit it also applies to groups of people connecting and moving forward together in community. In a solution-focused group coaching experience, you’ll find a community of individuals with common interests and attitudes who shine on their own and together create magic! You’ll discover:

  • the power of connecting with others who are aligned in goals and purpose

  • the impact of identifying your values (as an individual OR as an organization)

  • the effectiveness of values-based communication and healthy boundary setting

  • the encouragement of embarking on a journey of personal growth and wellness with others

I OFFER two types of group coaching:

  • coaching for pre-existing organizations, clubs or groups who want to connect with the soul of what they do and function from a place of clarity, ease, alignment, and cohesion

  • coaching for individuals who come together as a group of 4-6 people to learn and grow together in joyful wellness of mind, body and spirit

YOU CAN EXPECT natural outcomes of our group coaching work together to include:

  • becoming anchored, grounded in, and excited about your own unique identity while being part of a greater whole

  • getting crystal clear on your core values and learning how to make choices which honour them

  • learning to set loving boundaries which enhance rather than restrict your life

  • growing in personal confidence and trust

  • thriving in your relationships—with yourself and others

  • feeling good about yourself, growing your joy, and reaping those benefits in your life

  • creating long-term connections with those you’ve embarked on a group coaching journey with

GROUP COACHING PROGRAMS will be available beginning in January, 2019. For more details and to inquire about the possibilities for your group, please connect with me. You’ll also receive updates by signing up to the Blossoming Together mailing list.


Coaching for Veterinary and Other Health Care Professionals

A natural outcome of my 10 years a companion animal veterinarian is to serve as a guide for health care professionals who seek to bring wellness into their personal and professional lives

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together
— African Proverb