The rhythm of breath, muscle movement and creation of awareness offered by athletics and yoga have captured my heart and soul for years. They are part of integrated wellness for me personally, and I offer insight and at times instruction into the connection between our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness through the vehicles of yoga and athletics.


WITHIN YOGA PRACTICE there exists a container of space, quiet, calm, breath, and movement which deeply nourishes the body, mind, and soul. While each practice is different, with some times on the mat being more restorative or energizing than others, yoga offers:

  • a chance to hit the pause button on life and connect with yourself and your spirit

  • space within which to practice mindfulness of movement, thought, and emotion

  • a chance to truly practice owning the truth that YOU ARE ENOUGH (particularly when you do nothing other than be on your mat)

  • in varying proportions and at varying times silence, laughter, tears, and inspiration

  • strengthening and stretching of the physical body at a level that resonates for you, combined with the benefits of nervous system relaxation and reset

  • a space in which to love yourself and let yourself be loved, free of striving, comparison, and expectation

AS A REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER, I offer hatha, yin, restorative, and yang/yin practices to experienced and first-time students. Designed to create space, rest, invigoration, spiritual connection, and a sense of play, classes are available in the following settings:

  • private or semi-private (2-3 people) classes held in Squamish, BC - $60/class for up to 3 people

  • as an incorporated element in coaching programs for some clients (in person and online)

  • on retreat and at workshops

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Kind words

“I am so thankful for my yoga classes with Heather. She is positive, encouraging, and facilitates a beautiful time for connecting with God and getting good exercise. I always leave class feeling refreshed physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

- Kelsey


ATHLETIC PURSUITS in various forms (triathlon, road cycling, trail running/ultras, cross country skiing, and hiking) have been formative in my adult life and have brought friendships, adventures, a conduit for personal growth, and racing and travel opportunities. Initially, I discovered yoga as a physical complement to sport. The benefits of both yoga and exercise are a key part of integrated wellness for me, and I share the benefits of both in my work through:

  • serving as an integrated wellness coach to athletes of all levels in individual and group formats

  • hosting retreats which explore the joy of sport and the connection between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

  • creating an event designed to spread the joy and possibility of sport around the country and the world (stay tuned!)


Let’s Connect…

To create integrated wellness of body, mind, and soul. Learn to LOVE exactly who you are as a person and an athlete, speaking kindly to yourself and celebrating the sheer joy of moving your body!